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Stintino is a “young” town as it was founded in 1885 by 45 families of anglers and farmers, who had evacuated from the island of Asinara leaving the place to a isolation hospital and a penal colony. During the construction of Porto Mannu the discovery of some bones of tuna and Roman finds led to the intuition that the territory was already bustling in old times maybe as an emergency landing. For over a century Stintino was a hamlet of Sassari, before becoming an autonomous municipality on 10th August 1988. Traditional carpentry still exists in Stintino as well as minor fishing that use ancient boats and systems.

stintino la pelosa di notte
Who visits Stintino should participate in the fishing tourism, which allows savouring the daily “calata” on the spot and admiring the beauties of the coasts close-up. Gastronomy in Stintino is monopolised by the sea. Seafood (in particular urchins) is among the most appreciated products after fresh fish and lobster. Another extraordinary product of the sea is tuna botargo. The chowder is the most widespread dish, which consists of a good selection of fish from the gulf, with the added touch given by lobster and potatoes.

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